Replacement Grips with Closed Back for Revolvers

- symmetrical
- with finger grooves
- without finger grooves
- square butt grip
- round butt grip
- thumb rest for right handed shooters
- thumb rest for left handed shooters

These ergonomic grips provide the best grip for average to large hands. With the slightly thicker top portion as well as the closed back strap area, these grips are pleasant to shoot with even under the toughest conditions. We recommend that smooth grips are chosen for calibers of .357 and higher so that the felt recoil is easier on the shooters hands. Grips with finger grooves fit every type of hand. For those who shoot short-barreled revolvers, we recommend grips with rounded back strap area so that the shooter has the optimal hand placement on the grip. There are many different types and finishes for this grip: smooth or stippled walnut, or partially covered with Rhomlas®, rosewood and laminated.